Mycobiotics is a fully staffed plant biologics analytical laboratory, directed by Dr. David Sime, Ph.D, MA. Our service offerings include plant disease diagnosis, soil and rhizosphere ecological analysis, plant nutrient, and physiologic parameter testing. 

We offer:

● Molecular plant pathogen analysis
 Immunological plant pathogen analysis
 Compost and vermicompost tea analysis
 Soil ecology analysis
 Rhizosphere community analysis
 Detection of plant pathogenic bacteria in seed
 Insect, arachnid, and nematode identification

Fungi, bacteria, protozoa and invertebrates all comprise the organismal biology of the soil community. It is critical for healthy plants that the population levels of beneficials vs. pathogens vs. biodeteriogens remain at correct levels for optimal plant growth.

Plant management is more than just watering and feeding plants, one has to be aware of the signs, symptoms and indicators that comprise plant disease diagnosis. By utilizing holistic approaches to plant health management that facilitates the plant's own natural biological network, rhizosphere biology can be harnessed to increase yields and prevent disease. Our mission at Mycobiotics is to get our clients planting system back up and running when disease strikes, and to continually monitor and work to improve soil and plant health from seed to harvest.


All analytical tests include a complete laboratory report, 

and follow up consulting after the report is issued.



Viable  Testing  

5-7 day turn-around-time on testing

Sample types:  Plant parts, soil, water, equipment.


Analytical testing includes:

-  Inoculum viability and potential, enumeration,  and growth of plant pathogens.
-  Insect / arachnid / nematode pathogens.                                                           
-  Microbiota (e.g., Salmonella, E. coli
o157:H7, P. aeruginosa, fungal speciation)
-  Identification of virological group or genus I.D.                                                 





Sample types:  Plant parts, soil, water, equipment


Testing includes:   

- Visual assessment of sample with recommendations.


 *Note: The viable test includes a direct exam.







- American Microbiological Society
- American Phytopathological Society
- AOAC International
- AustralAsian Plant Pathology Society
- Federation of European Microbiological Societies  
- Entomological Society of AmericA
- International Society for Plant Pathology  
- Mycological Society of America
- Systematic & Applied Acaralogy Society


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